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An Ohio Lawyer Protecting Your Rights in a Divorce

If you are considering a divorce, choosing the right attorney is one of the most important decisions you are faced with making. An experienced divorce attorney can help you identify all your options and keep your case moving in the right direction. Most importantly, you need an attorney in your corner who you can trust to handle this situation and protect your rights.

Regardless of how you want to approach your divorce, the Cincinnati law office of Eric L. Anderson, LLC is ready to assist you. We work with our clients, taking the time to sit down and listen to their questions and concerns. Attorney Eric L. Anderson gives people the advice they need and clearly explains all their legal options.

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Experienced Representation for Your Divorce

At the law office of Eric L. Anderson, LLC, we help our clients with all issues pertaining to divorce and dissolution, including:

One of the most important things to remember during a divorce is that, if you have children, not everything is about you. The best interests of your children must come first. In cases involving children, it is beneficial to keep the proceedings as amicable as possible. We strive to get both sides to the table and set realistic expectations.

Dividing Property Equitably

At its heart, marriage is a partnership. If you have contributed to that partnership, you are entitled to your fair share of the marital property and assets. We can help you ensure that you are getting your fair share of the assets you have worked so hard to obtain.

Whether you have questions about child custody, child support, spousal support or property division, we can help. To discuss your divorce concerns with an experienced attorney, contact us today for a free initial consultation.